What do you know about the Supreme Court’s first women justices

US President Donald Trump announced his nomination of Merrick Garland, who has represented the conservative wing of the US Supreme Court, as the next US Supreme Justice in a speech at the White House.

Trump said he hoped that Garland would lead the court for many years to come.

Garland is currently on leave from the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

The announcement came at the end of a day of ceremonies in the East Room of the Whitehouse, with former president Barack Obama, US Vice President Joe Biden and other top US officials in attendance.

 The Senate is expected to vote on Garland’s nomination on Tuesday, but Republicans have refused to consider a presidential bid.

Read more about the nomination: The Supreme Court is currently divided between liberals and conservatives, and Garland has been critical of the court’s liberal tilt.

He has also suggested that the court may have to take more conservative cases.

Trump has been a staunch supporter of Garland, and he said in a tweet he is confident the nominee would support the President’s agenda and the country’s interests.

Trump also announced that the President has nominated Garland to the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, where the US has its largest federal district.

The nomination of Garland comes just days after Trump’s Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Judicial Court in the Senate.

“He is a fine man,” Trump said of Garland during a press conference on Thursday.

“He is someone I believe is going to do a tremendous job.

I really believe that he is going do a terrific job.”

The US president also praised Garland’s ability to work “properly, respectfully, with the American people”.

“He’s going to be an amazing justice,” Trump added.

Trump has previously suggested that he might consider appointing a liberal justice, and has previously stated that he would be willing to consider appointing someone to the court as a Republican.

Republicans have not yet indicated whether they will support a presidential run in 2020.

Earlier on Thursday, the Supreme Courts second woman justice, Joan Larsen, announced that she would seek a seat on the court in 2024.

Larsen was appointed to the DC Circuit Court in 1982 and became the first woman to serve on the US court in 2018.

She is a member of the Federalist Society, an independent think tank.

READ MORE: Trump’s first female justice to join DC Circuit court – US News article In the past, Garland has questioned the Supreme court’s impartiality and argued that the federal judiciary should not be able to appoint judges who would have a bias against the president or a particular party.

Garland has also said he would have voted to overturn Roe v Wade, a decision that legalized abortion.

He is a Republican who has not taken a position on the Trump administration.

Garland will be joined by five other female justices on the DC court in his first term.

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