How to pack your bags for the presidential inauguration

The new US president is set to get into the Oval Office.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts is expected to hear oral arguments on Jan. 2 on whether the Trump administration can order a new federal appeals court to issue a stay pending an emergency ruling from the US Supreme Court that the president cannot ban Muslims from entering the country. 

If the appeals court rules in favor of the administration, it would mean the new administration could take over a key Supreme Court seat, but the court could not immediately decide whether to stay that decision. 

The Supreme Court has declined to issue an emergency stay in the case of the Trump travel ban, a case that the Trump team had sought to use to block the order. 

But the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court in Boston has issued an emergency order blocking the ban in the name of protecting the rights of Americans to travel and work, and the administration appealed that decision, arguing that it was preempted by the law of the state in which it was issued. 

“The court’s decision to uphold the president’s temporary restraining order, even while considering its constitutionality, sends a strong message that the federal courts are going to act with caution and care to protect the rights and interests of the American people,” the administration’s lawyers wrote in their brief filed in the 3.2-million-page 3rd federal appeals case. 

In the brief, the Trump lawyers said the court had “overstepped its constitutional authority” to grant an emergency motion to stay the 3,000-page temporary restraining orders. 

(You can read the brief here.) 

In his brief, Judge William Alsup said he had “no intention of staying” the temporary restraining motion in this case, saying the court was not obligated to take the President’s arguments into account in making its decision.

The appeals court also rejected the administration argument that the injunction against the ban should be stayed, noting that the court did not find that the “temporary restraining order was a ‘lawful exercise’ of the President” and did not rule on the question of whether the injunction could be challenged in federal court. 

So how do you pack your luggage for the inauguration?

Here’s what you need to know.

What’s at stake in the Trump inauguration: 1.

The inauguration will be held at the White House. 

According to the National Park Service, the event is being held at National Mall. 

It is not clear whether there will be a public seating area for those who want to attend. 


There will be fireworks. 

There are also plans for an estimated 1,500 balloons and a huge display of fireworks from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., with some people planning to watch the event from the Lincoln Memorial. 


There are reports of protests in Washington. 

Some people have already begun demonstrating outside the White Court building, including protesters in downtown Washington and on Pennsylvania Avenue. 


The president will speak from the stage. 

Trump will deliver a speech from the Oval, and he will use the podium to address the nation. 


Trump will use a helicopter to deliver the address. 


The President will take questions from the American public. 


A live stream will be available for viewing on the internet. 


The U.N. General Assembly will vote on the agenda. 


Members of the press will be allowed to record the speech. 


The US Supreme court will hear oral argument in the court of appeals. 


For the first time in history, there will not be a single day of daylight savings time. 


The number of people watching the inauguration will increase to at least 1 million people. 


The Secret Service will increase staffing. 


There is speculation that the President will skip the speech altogether, instead using a helicopter for the event. 


The First Lady will be in attendance. 


The Presidential Prayer Service will be televised. 


Biden will be seated in the White Tower. 


The United States Olympic Committee will host a special Olympics celebration in the Oval. 


There’s a new national flag to be flown over the White Senate. 


There’ll be fireworks from 11 a.s.m.-4 p.s., and a live stream of the festivities will be broadcast on CNN. 


A new monument will be erected at Arlington National Cemetery. 


A new national monument will also be erected in Arlington National Military Park. 


The Lincoln Memorial will be unveiled as a part of the new national park. 


An all-day fireworks display will be performed by the United States Fireworks Band at the Lincoln Theater, as part of a National Parks Service celebration. 

25. Several

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