Which court will you visit? | The CBS News Bay Area team

The Bay Area is experiencing a “frenzied” judicial activity, as more than 30 courts are now online, with the latest addition to the list being the Polk County District Court, which opened online in November.

The Bay Area District Court is a non-judicial court that oversees civil lawsuits in counties outside of San Francisco and Marin County.

The court, which has a budget of more than $3 million, is one of four in the state with a web presence.

The court opened the Bay Area’s first online court, the San Francisco County Superior Court, in 2011.

The California Judicial Conference, the state’s highest-ranking judicial body, has a “web presence” as well, with about a dozen other courts in California and elsewhere, according to its website.

The other Bay Area court that is now online is the Alameda County District Courthouse, which was established in 2012.

The Alameda Courts is a nonprofit organization that oversees non-criminal cases, including divorce, child custody, child support and child support enforcement.

The Sacramento County Superior Courts, which handles all non-family-related cases, has been online since 2013.

It is one that has received attention from other cities, including San Francisco, as it has its own website and social media platforms.

The Sacramento County Courts website lists about 50 cases pending before it.

The San Jose County Superior Courthouse has been on the Bay area’s radar for a while.

In 2016, it was the third Bay Area judicial system to open a web portal, following Oakland and San Francisco.

The website also lists more than 50 pending cases pending in San Jose.

The city of San Jose opened its own court in September 2017, with several more pending cases to come.

A new court in Santa Clara County, which includes San Jose and Santa Clara counties, is also online.

The site shows that the court is being staffed by a new attorney and that the case backlog is at least 70 pages long.

Santa Clara County Superior Judge Jeffrey Rauhut, who oversees the case processing and other court functions, said the new court’s “web site is being designed to provide an easy, streamlined portal for the public to access, review and comment on our cases.”

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