What to know about the latest in court battles between state and federal judges

The latest in the trial of five Kansas Supreme Court justices who are charged with murder and kidnapping in the death of a young black man.

Topics:courts-and-trials,law-crime-and.crime,police,courts,kansas,alaska source ABC New (AU), “ABC News New” title Judge’s wife is accused of helping kidnap her husband article A former judge’s wife accused of kidnapping her husband and sexually assaulting him after the judge’s death has pleaded not guilty to murder and sexual assault charges.

Key points:The couple were both charged with kidnapping and murderThe judge was also charged with assaultA Kansas judge was found dead in the bathtub in June2017, his body had been covered with a towel and his body was covered in cutsThe woman was charged with sexual assault and murder in a case that had the potential to make her the first black woman to serve on the Kansas Supreme courtThe judge, William E. Cusick, was found in the shower of his home in the Kansas City suburb of Kansas City in June 2017.

Police say they found Cusik’s body wrapped in a towel in the home, which is owned by his wife, Michelle Cusink.

A preliminary hearing is set for later this month.

The woman is being held without bail in the St Joseph County jail and the judge was pronounced dead on June 25, 2017.

In an interview with ABC News in September, Michelle had described the couple as close.

In September, she told the Associated Press that she had seen her husband naked.

He had asked her to come home one night and he had stripped her, she said.

She said she was not aware that he was sexually assaulting her at the time, she added.

She said she went into the bathroom and he came in, undressed and then he said he was going to have sex with her and she did not want to.

Michelle told police she went back to bed and then came back and found Cuzick dead in a bathroom.

The victim’s body was discovered by his sister after he called police to report a missing person.

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