Wisconsin court access

Wisconsin has passed a bill that would make it easier for Wisconsin residents to access court records.

The law would make court access easier for citizens to obtain records through the state’s public records portal.

The bill was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

The bill would make public records from the Wisconsin Department of Justice (WDFJ) accessible to the public through a public records request process.

It would allow citizens to request records from government agencies and private organizations for public purposes, including health care and disability records, transportation records, and criminal history records.

Wisconsin’s Public Records Act requires citizens to submit a written request for documents from any government agency.

The request must be in writing and state that the documents are a public record under the Wisconsin Public Records Law.

The WDFJ would have to provide the requested records in accordance with the law, which was signed by former Gov.

Jim Doyle in 2013.

The new law would allow individuals to request the records, but it doesn’t require them to provide any information about their specific records.

Currently, WDFj can only provide records that are part of the public records law, such as police and fire records, health records, or the contents of a police report.

It can’t provide records from other agencies, such for the contents or the location of any criminal records, according to the Wisconsin Administrative Office of the Courts.WDFj has previously said that it would be possible to access documents through the portal and that it could make its records available to public records requests.

In December, the agency said it was planning to expand the portal to include other agencies.

The proposal was later dropped.

The state’s Public Information Act states that a request for public records must be made in writing.

A request for records that contain confidential information should be made to the WDFW or a successor agency, and the request must contain:A request for the information to be made publicly available to the general public, including all persons, places, and things within the public domain, in a manner which is free of charge.

The request must state that it contains information the disclosure of which is required by law.WISN-TV reports that the bill would allow anyone with an active search warrant to obtain documents for their own records.

It also requires the requestor to make a detailed description of the records sought and a detailed justification for the request, according the report.

Public records requests can be made for all public records except for criminal and traffic cases, the WNPR reported.

In cases of health and disability information, the law says that the records must include the name, address, social security number, date of birth, date and place of birth of the individual concerned, the name of the agency or department or other entity conducting the investigation, and contact information for the individual.

WISN reported that the public information act does not specifically mention public records access requests, but a bill to change that has been introduced in the Wisconsin Assembly.

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